Your Seat

Your seat is above all. Whatever has been created lies below You.

All souls, Kal, Brahma, Par Brahm, Holy Men and Yogis, Masters and disciples, atoms and hansas, all are gazing up to You, hands folded in salutation, because out of Your mouth flows the one Naam. It reports patiently since beginning about Your being. Kabir is my brother, You are my father!

You are all! Nothing is beyond You. You are the king of the kings, the Almighty Himself.

Beside You there was a place taken, inspired by Your son, through Your Grace He is part of You.

You sit on Your place and beside You sat Your son. Anything below us was You and therefore a part of You, they all wanted to be something.

Your son was nothing, is nothing! Nothing means all – all nothing. Some pass a test! Some live only for You!

Jaimal says, that You could take all the work of creation from one stone!

Who then are the disciples? Who then are the Masters? They are only to rejoice You. They all are!

You are the One. Even the souls from Alakh, Agam, Anami and Sat Kartar are! Thank You Kirpal for this comprehension.

Kirpal, You are alone! Have been and will be for all ages.

Bhai Jamal



Those who are initiated are done so by the special Grace of God. The purpose of initiation is for our soul to go back to the lap of our Father through the Light and Sound Principle which emanates from Absolute God. Further special Grace is given when an initiate is selected for some job to help carry on the work. It is those who want to be nearer to the Master who are given some special job to do, some duty to perform. If the person to whom the job is given does it selflessly, with no ego in him, it will bear forth fruit.

When you see that everything goes according to the will and pleasure of the Master, then naturally, you will be One with Him. You will have no will of your own. His will is your will and His will is God’s will. So each one of you should be thankful that you have been initiated. You have been put on the way back to Absolute God. When He has selected you for some particular duty, you are still more fortunate, but perform it with full faith, devotion and selflessness. If you do this, what will He give you? He will give you His very own place.

Morning Talks –
XXIV. The True Service of God or God-in-Man,
by Kirpal Singh, 1894–1974