There are Moments …

There are moments I feel You very near! Not till then I realise how much I love You! How much I see myself separated from You!

Not before You are very near, I feel since when we are separated and how much I want to come to You.

When the Shabds resound, my soul is free from all but at once there comes up the fear in me that it could stop and we were separated from anew.

Please do not let it ever stop, let this Music become stronger, oh Kirpal! It never becomes unbearable, this Sound I want to hear forever, more than 24 hours per day! Forever in my soul, connected to You, so that I myself become the Sound. Please allow it!

If the world knew what this Sound means each one would cease not to listen to It. Let everybody hear It so that everybody may return to You!

The world thinks I am crazy! But I do not mind! The people’s pleasure, it is without taste! But when, then only for the ego.

Let me come to You, oh Kirpal! So that I may stand before You! Let this Love become stronger more and more, but only if it pleases You, it will be.

Each step of creation is Your will! Let me come to You, otherwise I will not be able to exist anymore, because You are the life-power of my soul anyway.

Why is it so hard for us human beings to know You, Kirpal, Who has created us? Show the way to my soul, how to know her self, so that I may see the Self of my Self, that is You!

When I hear the Sound, the Wheel of Life ceases to turn! Each day the Sound Current resounds within me. Each day it becomes stronger within me, my yearning!

Thanks a lot! Because only through Your bounteousness it can become. Let me loose my mind and my ego forever, so that I may finally know You, Kirpal.

Since days the Shabd is audible, and my soul consciously realises more and more, that the Sound Current is within me. As the blood in the vains, as the beat of my heart, so You are within me!

Only You are eternal!

Bhai Jamal


Comment: 20 February 1987