To all True Seekers

The Living Master is the Word which manifests in the Human Pole. This manifested Naam, Shabd, is the Living Master, not the body of five elements.

The thirsty one has water as an object of desire. He wants water, only water, it does not matter to him whether it is handed in a golden or a silver goblet or one made of clay. Water quenches his thirst.

Christ said:

[…] I am the Water of Life, he who drinks from me he will be thirsty nevermore.

People who always regard the Living Master as a physical Form and who refer to the fact that it had been said one would need a Living Master – but who only want the body – have no thirst.

The thirsty ones drink the Water of the Living Master copiously, they do not mind about the body.

As the thirsty one can drink water from a goblet, a source, directly, the devotee drinks the Water of Life directly from the great source of Truth.

False masters are no source, they are not the Water of Life, they are merely bowls – empty and waterless – and those who expect and worship the body go on thirsty.

The body is only the servant, because of what use is water without a tank. It seeps away into the ground. Such as Shabd resounds since the beginning but nobody can seize It, the seeker after Truth needs the goblet to enjoy the water.

Not everybody can betake himself to a source in order to drink. This is only possible after the valid initiation. The seeker after Truth is then connected with the source and can satisfy his thirst at will.

The object of desire for men is water, not the vessel. So the object of desire for the seeker after Truth is Naam or Shabd not the body.

However it is said again and again by the shallow seekers:

But it needs a Living Master in order to receive Naam.

Yes, it demands a Living Master, because Naam is alive when It is manifested. So go to the source and begin to drink instead of thinking about the goblet because it may be of clay, silver or gold.

But take into consideration, water is refreshing and wet, it quenches our thirst. So Naam, the Shabd, is refreshing for the Soul, It quenches our thirst for Truth, It pervades us entirely.

One has not received Naam when one cannot drink It. The false masters only hand the empty hands and claim it was the emptiness, the spirit, the thought that counts. But the thirst of the seekers is not quenched.

Such as we repeat the name of God daily, in all languages and all religions – but the thirst is not satisfied by that. Like a thirsty one who reads a book in the desert in which it is written of what water is composed and in which the elements are described – but it will not be of any avail to him for his thirst is not quenched.

Naam quenches this thirst! Now go to a reservoir in which Naam is overflowing and is poured out and then drink to the full. Naam is the Master and the Living Master is the manifested Naam. This manifested Naam vibrates in the entire creation. The body has no bearing on this. It is only a reservoir and a slave of Naam.


Explanation: 1) Gold is the True Guru, silver is the Gurumukh and clay is the Sadh. Raja Janaka once called two gatherings of all pandits and religious leaders of the country, in order to find Someone Who could impart to him the contact with Truth. The sage Ashtavakra had eight hunches but nevertheless He was the only One Who was able to impart it.