Ishit Guru

All were permitted to see You in the form of their Guru of the respective time strolling on earth, all this I never had in this life.

Entering this world through Thy hands, born as Thy disciple, carried by Thee.

Born as a sinner, I spend the time in the pang of yearning for Thee in Kal Desh. Oh Kirpal! Rescue all!

In hardship and distress appears Gobind, yet is unable to be of help for me. Agam has no ointment for my sorrow.

My Ishit Guru Thou were. What a joy to see this! Already once we have been together and yet this time we’ll become One!

In order to abate the agony, I distribute it to all Thy children.

The pangs for Thee Kirpal should wane, oh what a wonder – the case is converse. 

Thy Word lights up every part in us and Thy voice is the music in our brow.

Each one may hear It, destined by Thee. May all become Thy ambassadors!

Bhai Jamal



When the moral depraves, the Godly Grace increases to more opulence to the general benefit of the masses. To grant an Inner first-hand experience perhaps is the only touch-stone to discriminate the wheat from the chaff, the perfect from the imperfect masters of which the world is brimful.

Kirpal Singh