Don’t call me Master

In the alteration from Kali Yug to Sat Yug don’t call me Master, there is only Shabd. My Father is the One. Har Rai the Guru of the ages, Kabir, is my brother! That’s how Kirpal showed it.

Light and Sound are bestowed freely. The worldly nit-pickers disdain this Grace. Their I-ness is rooted in selfishness.

The arrow of Love hid me from heaven in the middle of my dishonourable heart. Without my doing forever I bleed. Hail Thee, the Only One!

Now this pain of Love is distributed as per the One gives allowance to me. Listen you brothers and sisters, let Him enter! He’s waiting since the beginning on your doorstep.

Let the Real Amrit of sorrow, Naam, in your drouthy heart. This sorrow will irrigate your heart like the water from this world brings the Rose of Jericho to it’s blossom.

Admire only the One, the First, retrieve this water of sorrow, Shabd! Hail Thee, Kirpal! The One, the transformer of the ages.

Bhai Jamal



It has often been the praxis of the ancient Masters to give experience of the Holy Initiation and competent instructions to a selected circle of disciples who first were confronted with inconceivable hassles as an assay for their earnestness and their faith in the Guru. But in the present age, the Kali Yuga, man is very weak and the Master is all the more affectionate. He generously gives to all, who are thirsty for a gleam of the liberating Truth.

Kirpal Singh