My Journey to You

At the day of my initiation my journey to You has begun. A journey that finished my aimless errantry in this world. You handed me all necessary keys1, so that no door2 may block my way to You.

I travel in my house3, without luggage4, You alone know my way and You alone may show it to me.

Bhajan purifies the Path to You and Your voice5 calls for me louder and louder, day and night.

I travel to You and You illuminate6 the way for me. When You want so, we will be reunited7, then there will be no journey anymore.

We have been united forever through the Grace of the Satguru and no more ever will we be separated.



Explanations: 1) The True Simran. 2) The Inner Planes. 3) Microcosm. 4) Without senses, intellect and attachment. 5) The Sound Current – the Word out of the mouth of God. 6) The Inner Radiant Divine Light. 7) Diving into the Absolute – Anami – our birthright.