The question concerning the Sound Current, spirit current, pranas, and tattwas is rather intricate and lengthy. In a few words an explanation may be given thusly:

Shabd is the Supreme Creator. Soul – Surat – is of the same essence. They are both One and not two. As a drop of the Great Ocean of Consciousness, soul was sent down.

In the domain of Brahm, a power of Brahm was attached hereto – i.e., to the soul –, which is called mind. This mind is of the same essence as Brahm – also called Negative Power.

When coming down between Trikuti and Sahasdal Kanwal, the prana power formed therewith. This place is called Chitakash.

Pranas are in themselves no separate entity. They are formed by combination of soul – Surat – with mind which gave rise to the power of prana.

When soul – Surat – devoid of other mates combines with Shabd, all of this show is ended. So long as Surat remains a drop, all of these things trouble it.

Surat is separate as well as One with Shabd. The Surat derives all power from the Shabd. Surat is the sensory current which makes us conscious of other things.

The five tattwas have their origin from Brahm where mind is attached to the Surat. Thereafter – beyond there1 – it is not given to a normal man to understand. A man begins to understand the situation when he reaches that plane. The tattwas grow subtler and subtler until all of the sheaths of Kal and Maya are shaken off.


Footnote: 1) From Brahm onwards it is all Spiritual Plane, and when Surat becomes One with Shabd, it becomes all Shabd – no otherness. Since the mind of man can not comprehend without ‘otherness’ or categories, the situation can only be experienced as the basis for understanding.