How to control the Mind

[…] but at other times of the day you must be fully engaged with your work or, when the mind is off from work, you must do

  1. Simran, or
  2. hear the Sound Current, or
  3. think of the Master.

All of these three will give you control.

There are two things to control the ramification of the mind:

  1. The first is to fix the Inner Gaze minutely and constantly – without a break – on the darkness betwixt and behind the eyebrows.

  2. The second is to listen to the Sound Current within with Inner Ears.

If you follow the instructions faithfully as here explained, that will give you a new birth into the beyond.

Two methods have been given to you for curbing down the ramifications of the unruly mind:

  1. Fixing your Inner Gaze continuously – without tension on the outer eyebrows or forehead – on the dark veil or Light, etc., within. If your gaze is fixed as such, the mind will not run away.

  2. Listening to the Sound Current within. In doing so, the power of the mind of wandering away will loosen and the mind will concentrate. Regular practice will insure control over the mind.