As regards visions:

When you rise a bit above body consciousness, you see visions in the astral plane. Do not look at them, but go on doing mental repetition of the five Names.

Sometimes even lions and snakes appear. These are not forms of the Master of Love. A snake at times represents the mind. Do not pay any heed to it, it will not harm you.

Sometimes lust, anger, greed, attachment, and ego leave us in the form of a lion, or of little children.

That is why the Saints tell us:

If our home be in the sea, and there be fencing of snakes and lions roaring in all ferocity, and the Yamas be on guard, the lovers of God will not stop but go ahead and reach their Home.

These things cannot retard the progress of a soul who is doing Simran of the five Names.

If you hear a voice coming to you, please do not listen to it. These are generally from the Negative Power – Kal. If the voice comes, ask him to come before you, and when anybody comes to you, do your Simran and, if that stands before you while you are doing Simran, he will be your helper. If it is a voice of the Negative Power, that will go off.

Be strong in your Simran; it will remove all difficulties. You will become bold and fearless.

You will see within so many rivers, mountains; you cross them by flying over them. Simran will enable you to fly over them.

Psychic phenomena show only the experiences you have on the way up. These are a means to an end and not the goal. The time factor is necessary in the attainment of all things. Regular devotion of time to the Spiritual Practices in the right way will give you sure progress day to day.

Suppose while sitting in abhyas – Spiritual Practices –, one forgets to do repetition. In such a case, mind and Negative Power – Kal – can deceive us. So one should be on guard that one does not leave off repetition – Simran – when withdrawn or in a sitting.

If the form of the Master remains while doing Simran, only then should one listen to and take the words of the Master as true. If we leave off doing the Simran, at times, mind comes up before us in the form of the Master to deceive or mislead the followers of the Master. Now as the Master appears to one He will answer all that one will inquire of Him.

Concerning the question: ‘Can one tell in what sort of form the Master appears to one, and if one questions Him, what reply is given by Him?’

The answer is that one may be asked to remain conscious when doing abhyas. If one falls asleep and any reply is given by the Master in dreams, that cannot be all true. When the form of the Master comes in the conscious state and stands even before Simran, whatever He will say that will be all true.

No deceptive form will stay while one is doing repetition. One should also not believe in words heard by one while doing Simran unless the form appears and stands before Simran. The Negative Power at times tell so many things without appearing while one is doing Simran, and posts and claims that he is our Master. Such words should not be relied upon.

You have mentioned about the appearance of Master within beforehand. That came up just to tell you that the Master Who was to help on the Way is He. There is nothing to be frightened about. When your Inner Gaze is opened, you will see the same Master more bright and loving. In this way you will be able to go out of the body and contact the beyond. Soon after sitting as such, you should have a sitting for the Sound Current. The Sound will become more distinct and definite.