The Master’s Eyes

A brief description of the actual method of inversion to which I refer follows.

The method is the same as that given out by our Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji, but the majority have not understood this practice thoroughly. Unless an experiment is done in an accurate way, success cannot be guaranteed.

I will describe the method in a few words as under:

Sit in any easy pose – cross-legged or otherwise – straight and relaxed, without any tension in the body. Close your eyes and leave them as in sleep. Sit in one pose and do not move your limbs, head, or physical eyes.

You will see a dark veil within. That which sees the dark veil within without the help of the physical eyeballs is the Inner Eye. With the Inner Eye, fix your gaze – without any strain – on that part of the dark veil which is just behind and betwixt the two eyebrows – and not on the outer skin or the bone betwixt the two eyebrows.

If you do that – i.e., fix the gaze on the skin or bone – , you will have strain on the muscles of the physical eyeballs and forehead and headache and heat in the head will follow.

Your Inner Gaze should be fixed and constant without a break, i.e., you look with full attention at that part of the dark veil minutely, and continue looking constantly. In this way the mind will be fixed there and will not run away. The mind runs away only when you cease to look constantly at the particular place.

One should increase the time of sittings to 3 to 4 hours daily.

Do Simran – repeat consciously the five Names – and fix your gaze into the eyes – within – when you see them. If those eyes are of the Master, the full figure of the Master will come before you. If, however, those eyes are produced by the Negative Power, they will disappear when you do Simran.

In the case when you see the Stars, you should find a Big Star out of them, and fix your Inner Gaze on the Big Star which will burst and you will cross it; then you will see the Moon and cross it to see the Master standing on strong Sunlight.

If, however, the eyes still stand, while you do Simran, you should fix your Inner Gaze into those eyes and the Master will appear face to face before you.