Inner Oneness

It is appreciated that you feel Inner Oneness with the Master inside and surrounded by Shabd – Sound Current – all of the time. In such a state of stillness, man receives impulses from within which are mostly accurate and correct. But there is a vast difference between a man lying at a door waiting and one consciously in the lap of the Master. I wish you may enjoy the latter consciously.

You have seen Lights within. That is commendable. This shows your Inner Vision is opened. But we have to penetrate further to see the Master face to face and talk to Him at your will. This is not very far off for a man who is really after it. Master’s Grace comes to help such a man and to give him a lift to realise that state; and my best brotherly wishes are always with True Seekers after Truth. In that way a man comes in constant contact with the Master inside and receives conscious guidance in all matters.

If your Inner Gaze remains fixed constantly and you see minutely, sleep will not come – just as a man who is intellectually absorbed in something or worrying over something loses all sleep.

There can be, of course, some helping factors also.

When you sit for Simran, do it consciously and wide awake. For that you may have a full bath or wash your hands and feet before sitting, or drink water. If you still feel sleepy, stand up and do a little exercise: stretching, etc., and walk a little, and then sit down.

It may be that you cannot rise early. You may have your full sleep and then rise, and then ‘first thing’ after answering the calls of nature, you devote time to Bhajan and Simran.

Early hours are the best – all Saints have talked highly about these hours, but if you are as yet not accustomed to early rising, you may rise at 5, 6, or 7 a.m., and do the practices also before going to sleep at night.

When, by practice, you have control over your Surat – attention – sleep will not overtake you. You will become the master of yourself – then you will go to sleep only when you want it.

Those who want to progress on the Way should avoid taking more than an average amount in their diet and talking too much.