It is not the Light, Stars, or Sky that come and go. When the spirit current is withdrawn from the physical body, we have a view of such things within. But our attention is just diverted from there downwards. It is the attention which recedes after momentary vision and not the Light, etc., that goes out of sight. It is therefore necessary that we should continue fixing our gaze on the Light, etc., coming in view and try to stick to It. In this way, those views will stand before you.

The Sky will be there studded with Stars and in their midst there will be a Big Star to go through.

As regards the Sounds of Bell, Conch, Thunder:

These are high Sounds and They are to be stuck to. It is not the Sounds that come and fade away. That Sound is continually going on. We hear the Sound at a distance and to catch that Sound our attention is directed to the place from where the Sound is coming. By doing so, the Sound becomes weaker and weaker until It dies out.

To insure success you should stick to your seat at the back of the eyes and while sticking there – and gazing into the foreground as in meditation –, hear the Sound coming from the right and do not follow It to the place from where It seems to be coming. By doing so, the Sound will become stronger and stronger and come nearer to you, and you will hear It as if It comes from above the horizon.

Moreover, you should try to increase the time for both of those practices. In this way you will have quicker and splendid results.

Master-Power is always overhead and extends all feasible help at all times. I wish you would put in more time so that Master may appear to you within and you talk with Him face to face.