At the day of Initiation

Yesterday was the day of initiation here. All of the initiates had experience of complete withdrawal, Inner Vision opened, and Sounds heard of Big Bells and Conches, Thunder and Drum beats.

About 15 of them saw Master along with Master Sawan Singh. Out of them, there were people who had not seen or heard about Master Sawan Singh before. They recognised Him only when a photograph was shown to them.

There was one also who saw Swami Ji, Baba Jaimal Singh Ji, Master Sawan Singh Ji, and Guru Swaroop. In fact, all of Them are working overhead.

There were about 150 old initiates of Master Sawan Singh Ji who were allowed to sit at the second sitting, and they all experienced withdrawal, etc., by the Grace of Master Sawan Singh.

It is all His Grace working.