Higher Sounds

Regarding the Sound:

You are not to listen to or pay any heed – whatsoever – to the sound coming from the left side. 

You are simply to give Inner Ears to the Sound coming from the right. While doing so, you are to stick to your seat in the body at the back of the eyes and not do Simran along with it nor to direct your attention to the place from where the Sound appears to be coming. If you do so, the sound will become feeble and die out. 

While sitting at the back of the eyes, you have only to differentiate the Sound coming from the right. As for the sounds as chirping or cricketing, you are not to adhere to them. Just listen intently for any other Sound as that of the Bell, the big Bell of a Church, the Conch, or of Thunder or Drum beat. These are higher Sounds and will bring you higher. You are to listen to these Sounds only.