True Initiation

I am glad that you had initiation and experienced a sense of a Holy Presence. This presence was the Master overhead working. You also felt a detachment of the body and saw ‘cloud forms of blue and orange.’ Master was ordering you within to let go of the breathing which you could not do as you had formed a habit. This you have to unravel; and now you find your sittings very restful within with no sense of your physical body at all. That shows complete unconsciousness of the physical body or, so to say, withdrawal of the spirit current from the body.

The new men who are initiated by me here do, at the very first sitting, experience withdrawal, Inner Vision opened, and hear the higher Sounds: bells, conch, and thunder, etc. They are enjoined to devote regular time day to day. Those who are putting in regular time, even an hour or so, experience all these whenever they sit.

A good number of them have transcended the Big Star, the Moon, and reached Master within and talk to Him. There are a few who can convey messages to the Master at their will and get His replies in a short time. Out of the new initiates there are some who have reached the first plane – the Sahasdal Kanwal – and even crossed it.

The withdrawal of the sensory current from the physical body is painful only when we do not do the practice correctly, as explained. If the practice is done correctly, no pain is felt. The reason for this is that the sensory current which feels pain is completely rivetted at the seat of the soul behind and betwixt the two eyes, and the prana currents – the motor currents – are not touched in the withdrawal process – they are allowed to go on unconsciously working as heretofore.

Some men at initiation even fall down and have no consciousness of the physical body, and others feel withdrawn. Both remain conscious within of all they see and experience at the time, and they remember even after that. It is no flash or vision – under some influence of the body – but a real withdrawal inside.

New and old initiates are filled with wonder on the day of initiation to experience and see such things. It is all the Grace of the Master.

The withdrawal of the sensory current, as explained, does not leave any strain on the energy or life-principle of man. The withdrawal done along with practice of the prana current gives excruciating pains and may put a strain on the energy or life-principle.

I have been at the Feet of the Master for over 24 years. There has been no such case as that of the withdrawal of the sensory current cutting short a man’s life, and I have verified this from Master within even now. By withdrawal in the proper way, a man feels refreshed, buoyant, and blissful, with no reason to speak of strain, etc. Bhajan and Simran correctly done do not shorten a man’s life. A man’s life is shortened by living a life of the physical senses and giving up to the enjoyments of such a life.