The Golden Swirl within

When you see the Golden Swirl, please fix your gaze in the centre thereof and not on the outer edges thereof. Light will sprout forth therefrom and at times it so happens Master’s face appears therein.

If there are causes that stand in the way of meditation at 3 o’clock in the morning, devote time at night before going to bed, and at other times convenient – soon after rising in the morning or during the day. Adopt any posture convenient; but it must be remembered that the assumed posture must be fixed and not changed, and that one is all of the time conscious and not sleeping.

When you see the stars, find a big star amongst them and fix your Inner Gaze on that big star. Then that big star will burst and you will find your way through it. Then you will have to cross the moon. If you see the moon, just fix your gaze on it.