Sitting in Meditation

Before sitting for meditation, pray to the Master-Power overhead. This will give you impetus and help.

During your Spiritual Practices, do not wish for one thing or the other, but sit at the door within, watching intently and minutely and do the mental repetition. The rest is for the Master to do.

We are not to have any feeling of anguish, hurry, or clutching when sitting in meditation.

Sit in any easy pose in which you can sit for a longer period with no tension in the body and do not move hands, feet, or eyes, etc. 

Close your physical eyes without any tension on the eyes or forehead, and fix your Inner Gaze on the dark veil between and betwixt the two eyebrows mentally, intently and constantly. Do not turn the two physical eyes inward but just close them as when one is going to sleep and gaze into the middle of the darkness – the veil – as if it were lying in front of you. Let your Inner Gaze remain fixed, without thinking of the body below or of anything outside. 

You should also not pay any attention to the breathing going on, in the same manner that you do not pay any attention to the breathing during your outer physical pursuits during the day. 

While having your Inner Gaze fixed intently and peering minutely into the centre of the darkness lying as if in front of you, do repetition of the five Names mentally, but slowly. If you proceed in this manner, your Inner Vision will open with no physical body consciousness. 

Morning and evening, devote at least one hour each time in this way. Do it for some time and you will find progress.