Marriage: Inner and Outer


Ever since I’ve come here, I’ve had the occasion to see three marriages. And others, also – hear me! Open your ears to see. Instead of running here, there, and everywhere, either be purely chaste, or, if not, be married; it would be better. That is the last thing I would advise you. Marriage does not mean, all along, a sensuous life. It is a very noble thing: a sacrament. Help each other. But running here, there, and everywhere is not a good example. Either remain 100% chaste: good – I’ll wash your feet – or, if not, be married. That will help you on your Way back to God.

Christ said,

Husbands should love their wives as Christ loved the church.

This is the Highest Ideal before us, even as married persons.

In the old days, in the times of the rishis, there were three grades of chastity. The lowest or third grade was of 12 years. The second grade was 24 years of complete celibacy. And the first grade was 48 years. Now, just look to our own selves. This is the power that makes body, mind and soul. We do not value this very important thing.

We raise our buildings on sand. This is a very valuable thing: it is not meant to be given to a sensuous way of living. It is something that gives strength to your body, to your mind, to your soul. It is a very great helping factor.

Marriage is very noble.

You’ll find that many Masters were married. They had one or two children, and that was all. When They took up the role of Mastership, They left off all of that.

This is a very valuable thing.

The pity is that these things are not taught. We think it is below our dignity. But these are the things which I think are sapping the very life of the coming generation. We should wake up: it is time. I request those who come here to be chaste and to have very righteous lives. If they are married, they should be married in the true sense of the marriage, and help each other to know God; that is all.

For that purpose, they have the company of Those Who have succeeded that way. They can give you right guidance and can also help you on the way. And what is that helping? It is first the giving of the outer, righteous way of living and the Inner, Higher Contact; and then, the development of it. First, we will see and find that the body is the temple of God. Then, that is developed further, and with open eyes we will see that the whole universe is the temple of God. And sometimes, in that intoxication, we will forget ourselves. So, it is a matter of seeing: not seeing, but becoming. The Ultimate Goal of soul is God.

Masters have been giving such teachings, but we simply ruminate over them and do not go into the right import of what They taught. These are only ceremonies that are performed, and ordinarily they are taken very lightly; but they are very serious; they have some meaning behind them.

From time to time I have been laying before you the digest, in a few words, of what I came to know intellectually and spiritually.

Just strive to live up to it. Truth is above all, and True Living is still above Truth. If you have very chaste lives and a righteous way of living, you will have Truth; and that will earn my pleasure, too, and the praise of all who see you. They will praise you, they will praise your school of thought, and they will praise the Person at Whose feet you sit. If you don’t live up to them, you will simply spoil the good name of the school of thought and also the name of the Master at Whose feet you sit.