Chapter XV


Today, the world is crying out for a better understanding, for peace and freedom from conflict. This Science of self-analysis that reveals the Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of God, is the remedy which can reconstruct a healthy culture and propagate harmony between man and man.

He who claims to love the invisible God but has no regard or Love for his visible fellow man, is lost indeed. To love, revere and feel grateful to our fellow man is to love and revere God.

So too, the Love for the visible Master, our closest connecting link with God, is in reality Love for the Supreme Father. We should therefore try to measure the depth of God’s Mercy and Grace through a Master-Saint, Who is God’s visible representative. It has Spirituality as its end and is not idolatry. The atmosphere in which such a Genuine Master moves is charged with currents of peace and Love which affect those who come into contact with Him. Even letters written by or on behalf of Him carry currents of ecstasy that influence the innermost recesses of the heart. Guru precedes God.

Such a person was Master Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj Who remained with His disciples for a great number of years and now, even after He has left the body, still watches over his loved ones and also those who contacted Him once with Love and sincerity in their hearts. Love knows no law and He is still appearing in His Radiant Form, even on lower Spiritual Planes, for their sake. Not one, but hundreds can testify to what ignorant people would call an illusion. On the physical plane, He is still showering His blessings through His medium at Ruhani Satsang, Sawan Ashram, who now in turn guides men in all Spiritual Matters.

One bulb is fused and is replaced by another. The same Power works and the same Light now shines from a new bulb. All who approach the Master get positive experiences and anybody who wishes to avail himself of such a golden opportunity has only to contact the Master and his wishes will be fulfilled, his heart will overflow with happiness, and his weary shoulders will be relieved of their burden of cares and worries.