Chapter XIV


*Master-Saints never show any miracles except in very rare cases to a disciple due to special circumstances. Miracles are in accordance with the laws of nature but are nevertheless terribly entangling webs detrimental to the highest ideals of man to approach the Almighty God.

It is something that an ordinary man does not care to study and ignores deliberately for the simple reason that it involves immense self-control and training of the mind, with restrictions that an easy-going man of today does not like to tolerate or pursue. The miraculous powers achieved after a lengthy period are instrumental in doing both good and harm, now they are utilised more for harm than anything else, they are looked down upon by all truly Spiritual Persons.

The Masters are in possession of Supreme Power but Their mission is sacred. An initiated disciple whose Inner Vision has been opened, sees any number of miracles at each step.

To hesitate to believe in a Master without seeing miracles is as ridiculous as our refusal to believe that a certain person is a multi-millionaire unless he shows us his money. He may have all his money deposited in a bank and like to spend it in the way that he chooses, without caring for public applause or approval.

Out of an audience of several thousands watching a magician perform his miracles, only a very small number would thereby be induced to learn the art. Those who are anxious to see miracles are not True Seekers.

* (This section is adjusted to the Original Tape Recording;
Editor’s Note 2011.)