Chapter XIII


The repetition of the Holy Names is given to the disciple at the time of initiation as a guard against all dangers. It acts also as a password to all Spiritual Planes, gives strength and sustenance to the body and mind during trouble and afflictions, brings the soul nearer to the Master, is instrumental in achieving concentration, and imparts many other diverse powers.

Simran taught by a so-called master is merely a number of words. But these very words become electrified when charged with the attention and Grace of a Real Master.

Initiation commences with the explanation and description of the Inner Spiritual Regions and the way in which the Path is to be pursued. The opening of the Inner Vision to see the Inner Regions, with their distinct Heavenly Lights, together with the contact with the Divine Link or Sound Principle, constitutes the practical side of Initiation. Daily practice of these combined with Simran, is meditation.

In addition to this, the Master gives instructions on pure and simple living, the need of devoting regular time to the practices, and other words of sound advice. Diaries of progress must be kept and the mistakes of old and new disciples are corrected from time to time to ensure progress. The whole ceremony takes from two to three hours.