Chapter VI

Life beyond Death

Saints say that Nature has designed man to leave his physical body at will, transcend to higher Spiritual Planes, and then return to the body. They help each aspirant personally and each receives a practical experience, however little it may be, during the very first sitting at the time of initiation. A person Who is competent to give a man this personal experience of withdrawal or separation – temporary – from the body, and Who can thus put him on the Way back to God, is a Genuine Master, Saint or Satguru. The heads of different religious organisations were intended to do just this, but we may judge for ourselves their efficacy today.

The first-hand experience we receive, through the kindness of a Real Saint, is in itself the solution to the problem of death. According to the Bible,

Unless you are born anew, you cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

So to be born anew is to leave one’s body and enter into the Beyond – a transition from the physical to the astral plane.

Some day we have to leave this temporary structure, which like a building of bricks and mortar, deteriorates with time. There is no appeal to the Laws of Nature against the 'Death Sentence.' We fear death because of the agony and suffering which it brings, and also about the uncertainty that lies ahead in the Beyond. We fear illness because it brings us near death’s door; so we struggle to live though we know that our end is certain.

No soothing words from doctors, friends, relatives or priests can bring peace and comfort to our minds at the time that Nature’s destructive process commences. This is the natural course of things and we cannot deceive Nature.

What then is the remedy? There is only one way out of this abyss of despair, which is to adopt and accustom ourselves, during our lifetime, to Nature’s process of the withdrawal of the spirit current from the body, while still in a conscious state. This may be done with the help of a Master, and may be accomplished without any suffering or trouble whatsoever. This is not only a possibility but is a remarkable fact. Our joy will know no bounds when we come into possession of the secret that has baffled man for so many centuries. We become supermen, having possession of a key to peace and heaven, the life of which we had till then only read about in Sacred Scriptures.

Arise, therefore, and awake! before it is too late to put this Science into practice. If we observe closely the process of death in a dying man, we see the pupils of his eyes turn upwards a little – afterwards they may return to normal –, and then he becomes senseless. But when they draw upwards too much, he dies.

Life ebbs out via the root of the eyes and becomes disconnected from the ties of the physical body and the sense organs. Knowledge of this process and the method by which we may travel this Way during our very lifetime, is the solution to the problem of death. No physical exercises are necessary; there are no drugs to swallow and no blind faith to cultivate.

The mystery of life and death is solved easily with the help of a Master-Saint, Who will give you an experience of the process and put you on the highway to the Inner Realms. Even when acting indirectly through an authorised agent, He still remains the responsible power. Distance is immaterial to the Masters.

What is there to be gained by this process? This cannot be described in words. At the time of Initiation, the aspirant sees the Real Light within him, whereas normally the Inner Eye is covered by a thick veil of darkness. He then realises that the tradition of the lighted candle found in churches and temples is to remind him of the Divine Light of Heaven within. This Light grows to the radiance of several suns put together as he advances on the Way.

He understands that the unceasing Internal Sound he contacts within is the Divine Link called Word by Christ, Kalma and Nida-i-Asmani in the Koran, Nad in the Vedas, Udgit in the Upanishads, Sraosha by the Zoroastrians and Naam and Shabd by the Saints and Masters.

In time, he meets the Master within, talks to Him face to face and is henceforth certain of His Grace, guidance and protection wherever he may go, even to the other end of the world. With such evident proofs before him, he is now confident of himself and of the Science. Only then can he be called a theist in the true sense of the word and can smile at those who talk of religion as a fool’s paradise, a phantom conjured up by crafty priests, and the opium of the masses. He has found a sure ingress through the doorway of heaven in this life, and is on the threshold of viewing, both internally and externally, the secrets of Nature. He is verily knocking at the door of heaven or tapping inside.

Words of opposition cannot shake his faith in the Science as the Master guides him onward.

Death becomes a voluntary process. Past, present and future merge into one, and he grasps the incontestable Truth, the essence of Being, in the palm of his hand. Liberated from the body, which now appears as a husk without the kernel, he knows that he is Soul, an inseparable part of the Eternal Spirit, and so he presses onwards to his Original Source.

The world appears as a dream to him, but under the instructions from his Master, he returns to his mundane life, wise and fearless in the discharge of his duties.