The need of Spiritual Science or Science of the Soul has ever been felt by man through the ages. Its needs toady is as great as ever before; perhaps greater. By a ceaseless effort of centuries, man has no doubt succeeded to a great extent to control the forces of nature and to press them into his service. But unfortunately, as this control has come to him before gaining Self-Knowledge – knowing one’s Self and one’s relation to humanity – all his discoveries and inventions, originally intended and designed for the service of mankind, are being turned into instrument of destruction and devastation. With all his Inner Craving for peace and his professions and protestations in this behalf, he has failed to serve his cause. His ideology of peace apart, he, through lack of Self-Knowledge, is unwittingly sowing the seeds of class hatred, racial discrimination, national passions and prejudices, and international discord and disruption. The peace of the world, for want of proper understanding, hangs today by a very slender thread. The social injustices and economic inequalities rampant everywhere have made people sceptical of God and distrustful of each other. Cut off from their very moorings, they drift rudderless along the stream of life and look askance and bewildered. The armed peace, the perpetual fear and inherent helplessness in which we live, is not an ideal state to be desired. We want instead a living peace, based on fraternal love and good will, mutual trust and respect for each other as children of the same Supreme Father.

The Idea of real and lasting Inner Peace is not a mere ideology, but can be turned into an actual reality if one could but introvert and peep within, know his Real Self or soul, and arise in Cosmic Awareness. This can be achieved only through close contact with some Godman or Master-Soul – call Him what you will – an Adept well-versed not only in the theory but also in the practice of Para Vidya or the Science of the Soul.

With this end in view, the Beloved Master originally gave this thought-provoking talk – Man, know thyself – for listeners abroad. It has now been put into print for the benefit of all persons who are seekers after Truth, irrespective of caste, colour or creed. If it inspires even a single soul with a longing for Self-Knowledge and God-Knowledge, the efforts of the Ruhani Satsang will be amply rewarded.

Delhi, 17 January, 1954

Bhadra Sena