Love is the Way

Celebrating the birth anniversary of Kirpal Singh is one way of expressing our devotion to Him and His Holy Cause. But in His 1970 Birthday Message the Great Master said:

It is my wish that the birthday of the Master be celebrated by all of you as befits the occasion, which is by living up to my words … In this way only will you have celebrated the Master’s birthday as He wishes.

As Master reminds us so often: God is Love, and therefore Love is the Way back to God. And since Master is Love personified, we benefit greatly by sitting at His Holy Lotus Feet whenever and wherever that is possible. He wishes not to establish a new religion but to instil in us that Divine Love of the Father which leads to the Supreme Father’s house. He has pointed out the similarities in the various religions. The seeming difference are often the result of human error in interpretation and translation of the scriptures. These difference can be resolved by the Great Master, Who is able to rise above body consciousness at will. In fact, He is One with the Father day and night.

We must be born again – which means we are to transcend the body consciousness while living, so that we may begin to live in Him, seeing the Light of God, hearing the Voice of God within. This is really a Spiritual Science – which the Great Master calls the Science of the soul, the Surat Shabd Yoga, the Yoga of the Sound Current.

Before we can achieve much success even in our most sincere prayerful meditations, however, it is absolutely necessary to subordinate the worldly pursuits to the Spiritual Needs – which means we must seek first the Kingdom of God within, give up the lower for the higher, the lesser for the greater. The sooner we do this, the quicker we can transcend into the beyond in our meditation. We must become absolutely pure in heart and mind and as innocent as a little child.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

We are told it is more blessed to give than to receive. Why? Because in receiving, we are merely blessed materially, but in giving without attachment we are blessed spiritually – especially when we love – love the very Great Master and all His children without reservation and with no expectation of reward.

Giving material things – such as our selfless service, money, etc. – is good, of course, and should certainly add to our treasure-house of good karma. But Love and good will towards all is also required to open the door or single eye to the Inner Kingdom of God. How can we expect to draw close to God while harbouring resentment towards even one of His children? We must forgive and forget past mistakes and present differences. God didn’t commission any of us to judge another.

It is not only what we say and do that is important, but what we think also.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he!

Loving thoughts lend wings to the soul to raise it God-ward. Whereas unkind, negative thoughts, unholy thoughts and feelings of criticism tend to keep one earthbound, unable to meditate properly, and so Spiritual Progress is impeded.

I think we all know it is much easier to preach than to practice and live up to the teaching of the Saints. As Master has said, we know so much and do so little. Let us, then, on this glorious anniversary of the Great Master’s birth, rededicate our lives to serve His Holy Cause – the Holy Cause of all Great Masters – by being more devotional, more tolerant and more forgiving, seeing only God in all – that we may be called the children of the Father. This will please our Beloved Master immensely and pave the way for our own progress on the Holy Spiritual Path.