September 1899

Warmest greetings from Jaimal Singh to the whole Sangat of Bhandal.

May the Grace and Mercy of the compassionate Hazur be upon everyone all the time.

You have written that you have constructed new houses. The sister from Valtoha says that she will reside in her house only if I visit it. I am very pleased with this. In accordance with your means, invite two or three devotees and Sadhus to a meal in your new homes and start living in them, because it is uncertain when I can come.

The Satguru is fully with you in His Shabd form. The moment you put your attention in the Shabd, the Satguru is right there: I myself will be there. You have written that a baby boy was born on Saturday around midnight, and you ask what name should be given to him. You have not written to whom he was born. So write to me again about his parentage. Do not write the letter in the month of Kartik1, write in Maghar2.

I did not go to Musarhi; I stayed at the Dera and did not go anywhere. A gentleman had arrived here on leave, so I could not go. Now I intend to visit you, but it is not definite when I will do so. You are never to come to the railway station to receive me, because you are not to allow your work to suffer. Whenever you appeal inwardly with a True Heart, it will be heard instantly. The Satguru will then be with you.

All of you should do your Bhajan and Simran every day, so that you make your home in the Shabd Dhun. Listen to the Dhun whenever you are free. Listening repeatedly to It will purify you. Nothing in the world is our own except Bhajan. Bhajan and Simran are the work of our own home, but the everyday tasks also have to be done. Continue doing Simran mentally. In every task, walking about, sitting up, or lying down, remember Bhajan and Simran all the time.

Jahaan aasaa tahaan baasaa. (Proverb)

Where lies our hope, there we will reside

Then you will merge into the Word itself.

Bibi’s warm regards to everybody, and also to all the Satsangi sisters. May Grace and Mercy be upon everyone. It is my firm intention to come in the month of Kartik. The rest is up to Hazur’s will. I am very pleased with you.

In all our worldly activities, please understand that it is not we who do anything; all good work is done by the Satguru Himself. Bad deeds are done by the mind, but we should not do them – we are not to act according to the dictates of the mind.

September 1899


Explanation: 1) Karthik: the 8th month in the Sikh calendar, from 15 October to 13 November. 2) Maghar: the 9th month in the Sikh calendar, from 14 November to 13 December.