10 July 1899

Lots of Love from Jaimal Singh to the whole Sangat of Bhandal.

May the Grace and Mercy of the compassionate Anami Lord always be upon everyone.

Your letter informing me of your well-being has been received and I am happy to read it. I was thinking of writing to you about Dharam Singh’s illness. I did not mention in the previous postcard that one does not become free without paying for past karmas. Even if a god or the Supreme Lord Himself were to assume a human body, He too would be subject to the law of karma. So please do not worry about it; pain and pleasure disappear after being gone through. The span of life given to the individual on the day of his birth does not increase or decrease. There is, however, a means to reduce the penalty. If the individual finds a Perfect Satguru and lives within His will, then, by His Grace, there is some decrease in penalty through the firm refuge at the Saint’s Holy Feet.

Do construct a dharamsala and have it fitted with doors. I will come when it is completed. Everyone is urged to do his Bhajan and Simran every day.

Best wishes from Bibi.

10 July 1899