6 May 1899

Sri Wahiguru Ji ki Fateh to my son, Ganga Singh.

Your postcard has been received, and I am glad to read its contents. Do your meditation with every breath so that the soul and mind may remain attached to the sound of the Shabd. Then every breath you take is Bhajan. Continue mentally with Simran all the time. It purifies the mind and does not let it collect any dross. Becoming pure, the mind then listens to the Shabd Dhun.

Bad deeds are: not to accept the Guru’s will but to follow what the mind says. The moment the individual follows the mind, my son, it takes him towards evil deeds. And good deeds are: to hold the mind within the Satguru’s will, to accept whatever the Satguru says, and not to step outside his words. Bad deeds are vices, regardless of whether they are called bad deeds or vices.

You have written that you are unable to do Bhajan, that you are helpless. This is your negligence and carelessness, my son. Twice a day, whenever your mind desires, you eat nice food and dishes that you like. But Bhajan and Simran that give everything, the work for which you received the human form – the priceless body in which alone the Supreme Lord can be found – this precious gift is wasted for nothing.

You say your job is hard. In the villages, the ploughing goes on all night, the wells are run, and the sugarcane presses are worked throughout the night. All through the night such work continues. Worldly activities and whatever needs to be done are all carried out during the night as well. Who sits around idly? Your life, my son, is meaningful because you have a Perfect Satguru and have found the Perfect Way. Why don’t you use in meditation the time that you waste in worrying so that your life can continue to be meaningful?

Read this postcard every day.

6 May 1899