Let us reform ourselves


Dhritrashtra once abused Arjuna’s bow, for which the latter had high regard. Arjuna stood up and aimed his arrow at Dhritrashtra. On Lord Krishna’s intervention, Arjuna said that he had taken a vow to kill anyone who abuses his bow. Lord Krishna then asked him whether dharma, duty, would cause happiness or sorrow. Happiness, Arjuna replied. Lord Krishna then told Arjuna to ponder over the obvious result of his intention to kill Dhritrashtra.

What is Dharma and what is its test? Both Viyas and Christ were asked these questions. The common theme of their replies is that we should treat others in a manner we ourselves like to be treated. We have to decide, therefore, whether our action will result in happiness or sorrow. Saints aim at increasing happiness. Obey Them and you will reach the goal. Otherwise, you will go on groping in the dark as before.

A Saint, Master, is a Lighthouse of both the worlds. In association with Him you can get communion with God – the Real Goal of life.

Swami Ji, therefore, entreats us:

Do not let go this opportunity; there is none greater than Him. 

We are very fortunate to have this human life. If we miss this opportunity – to realise God –, who knows when this opportunity will come again. Engage yourself in activities that can be helpful to realise God. All other worldly activities which cause self-veneration, cleverness, and sense of ego are useless. It is hard to find a man who aims at all-round unity. It is the Saints’ mission to unite all. If you are able to find such a Saint, and you obey Him, you can accomplish your mission.

Swami Ji explains:

If you miss this opportunity to follow the Master now, you will be deluded and remain entangled.

Human life is a great boon. You have been able to find a Master. If you let go this opportunity and fail to take advantage of His association by not obeying Him, by not shaping your lives according to His teachings, the obvious result will be the endless wheel of life. For, what you think so you become.

Bharat, after whom our country, India, has been named as Bharat, was a king who renounced the world and became a hermit; but he developed attachment for a deer. Consequently, he had to take birth as a deer. The Master’s only concern is to see us all happy. He tries to set right our mistakes. His ideal is Love for all.

Swami Ji now emphasizes,

You will never find such a Master, understand this once and for all. 

Why is Gurudom in disrepute today? Modern gums are generally political at heart. They have an axe to grind to make money and to get honour and respect. They are not concerned with the well being of the people. Their object is to impress the people by their hypocrisy, deceit, and falsehood. You may be taken in by these methods. On the contrary, the Saint will talk to you frankly and lovingly and point out that you are making a mistake. He will make you see the difference between truth and falsehood. Such a Guru is a great blessing. Our soul was once separated from the Lord and to be reunited is the foremost mission of your lives.

Swami Ji warns us,

By endless reading of scriptures and singing of hymns, do not inflate your sense of ego.

What are you proud of? Is it because you sing well, or you can exhibit your knowledge, or you are a good orator? These things lead you nowhere. Ravana was said to be proficient in all the four Vedas and six Shastras. Still he is popularly shown with an ass’s head. Why? All his learning proved useless due to his wrong action.

Intellectual pursuits, cleverness, and indulgence in tall talk are easy. It is difficult to control your senses, to rise above body consciousness, to keep thoughts pure, and not to think ill of others. If we accomplish these things, it is not difficult to realise God.

Swami Ji has been exhorting us for about 100 years now that we show only superficial respect for the Master instead of respecting His teachings, in which lies our salvation. Saints do not spare anyone, including Themselves.

He goes on,

It is this pride which has ruined our lives. It is this pride which is harming us now.

Swami Ji says that our ego makes us come to this world again and again. Do not follow your mind; follow your Master. This will bring you happiness.

Now Swami Ji says:

I am explaining to you fully, dear. This carelessness is not good for you.

He adds,

Your carelessness in failing to change your old habits or reforming yourself is harmful to you. Make haste in discarding deceit. Increase your sense of devotion. 

Discard deceit. What is deceit? You say something and do something else. Only by doing away with hypocrisy can we increase our sense of devotion. Therefore, deceit and hypocrisy should go first. Then give up tall talk and inculcate humility. A person with such virtues will automatically get the Master’s Grace.

Swami Ji, therefore, now warns us:

Even now if the mind fails to understand, then, you suffer the consequences. 

If you refuse to listen, then what can be done? Even Saints cannot help you. In that case, you will be miserable and unhappy.

He goes on:

The Negative Power rules over you, and will not let your mind understand. The Negative Power will delude you. The compassionate Lord alone can save you from doubts and delusions. One thing is clear, brother, that you are a man of no principle. 

You have no principle in life. What can be done to such a person ?

If you keep the Master’s association, perhaps your mind may gradually understand.

If your mind agrees, you go on making efforts to reform yourself. What is true will always remain true. Even if your vision is clouded, the Master’s image will not be blackened. Try to understand gradually; do not despair. There is every hope that the delusion may ultimately disappear. To give up heart after making flimsy efforts is not the solution. The solution lies in reforming your Inner Self. Once you have satisfied yourself about the competency of the Master, then, you must persist in making efforts to understand. Do not listen to your mind; listen to the Master. This will make you understand.

Now Swami Ji finally warns us:

The Master has explained fully that such souls will have to suffer. 

The Human Pole on Which the God-Power is manifest is called Radha Soami by Swami Ji Maharaj. The Master explains that if you do not understand, you will grope in the dark.