Let us reform ourselves


So it is not difficult to find God; it is difficult to become a Real Man. Dr Iqbal, the famous Urdu poet, once said that Moses went to Mount Tur in search of God; but he did not know that God Himself was in search of a Real Man. Baba Jaimal Singh Ji found Hazur, my Master, in the Murree Hills of Punjab. Was there no one else for Him to find in the whole of Punjab? What I mean to stress is that mind will have to recognise the Master. Then only we will be able to obey Him. Otherwise, we will remain entangled in a maze of doubts and the purpose of human life and of coming to Satsang will not be achieved.

Now Swami Ji tells us,

He discourses with compassion and Grace; He is God Personified. 

The Master’s mission is to teach us with compassion and Grace. All are the Lord’s children. What is that Power which creates such compassion and Love in Him? It is the God-Power which compels Him to love all. He is Love Personified. He teaches Love and spreads vibrations of Love. His words are meant for increasing Love. Swami Ji thus exhorts us to obey the Master. If we developed Love of God, enabling us to see Him in all and all in Him, there is no reason for us to come to this world again and again. When we forget the Lord, our ego naturally gets bloated; and we are caught up in our conflicts. The karmic law is supreme; if you cause suffering, you will suffer; if you do violence, you will face violence; and, similarly, if you usurp somebody’s rights, your rights will be usurped. Thus, you will keep coming and going in this world. Hence the need to change ourselves. Saints always teach us with Love; but, if necessary, They may punish also to reform us.

Swami Ji, therefore, says,

The Master-Power works on a Human Pole; He will liberate you anyway. 

Man is the teacher of man. The Master comes in a human form and becomes like us to teach us. He is a human being like us. God is hidden in us and is the source of our lives, but in Him (Master) God is manifest. This is the only difference. Excuse me, old Masters cannot come back to guide us, although we can benefit by reading whatever They have said. The Living Master, Who has passed through life just like us, has the experience of life. He says He has done it and you can do it likewise by strictly following the principles. What are those principles?

They are:

Truth and Love of God. You should love all and ignore others’ mistakes with Love. Blood cannot be washed with blood, but it can be with the water of Love.

And Swami Ji advises,

Serve and worship Him. For He is not different from Guru Nanak. 

Keep ready to serve. What is service? Obey His commandments and mould your lives according to His teachings. He says keep your lives clean and thoughts pure. Never think ill of anyone. Adopt Truth. Love all for the Lord resides in all. We are fortunate to have this human life, and we should derive full benefit out of it by linking our souls with the Oversoul.

Now Swami Ji tells us:

He is Kabir; He is Sat Naam. Know all the Masters as Him. 

The Master-Power has been working on different Human Poles. When one electric bulb is fused, another replaces it; but the power remains the same. Once Jews brought a sinner before Jesus Christ and asked Him to punish the culprit. Christ agreed to do so and asked the people as to what was the normal punishment for such a crime. On being told that the accused should be stoned to death, He told the people that only those who have never committed such a sin should throw stones at the accused. No one came forward. Then Christ asked the accused to sin no more.

So, try to recognise the Master-Power Which never dies.

I shall never leave thee, nor forsake thee till the end of the world.

Christ, the Master-Power manifested in Him, said this and not the Human Pole of Jesus. The Master will explain with Love, show sympathy, and even at times shed tears somehow to bring us to the Right Path. His aim is to ensure that we attain the Truth. 

At least those who come to Satsang, and especially those who have been initiated by the Master, should have Love for others. Christ asked His followers to live with Love so that others know that they were associated with Him. If we are able to remove even one man’s suffering by sweet words and sympathy, we have done a big service.

Swami Ji goes on to say,

You can achieve your goal only through Him; cast away delusion and vanity. 

Swami Ji now asks:

What is your goal in life?

To find God. You can find God through right understanding. Your Real Friends are those by meeting Whom ignorance can be removed. What is ignorance? God has made all of us alike. All are embodied souls. Soul is the essence of God. He is present in all. This realisation means removal of ignorance and to get the right perspective. So, He pulls you out of delusion. You cannot succeed in your mission without Him. Your life’s mission was to realise God and not to lose yourself in materialistic pursuits and struggles. We continue to sow new seeds of karmas which we will have to reap.

As you sow, so shall you reap.

Do away with false pride and self-veneration and keep your mission in view. By doing so, not only you, but the whole world can be happy. Thus, to find God is the Real Mission of our lives. Only God can fulfil this mission. Swami Ji has stressed this point by saying that we should go and fulfil our own mission and not get entangled in the material world. Think before acting whether your actions will result in happiness or suffering. It is very easy to increase pain, but difficult it is to remove it. Love alone can wipe out sorrow. There is no other remedy.