Chapter VII

Application for Initiation

Every true aspirant for Spiritual Science, who can adhere to the above, after preliminary abstinence in diet for about three to six months, can put in an application on the form prescribed for the purpose, giving his brief life sketch, age, marital status and the like along with a copy of his or her photograph. All applications for initiation are to be forwarded to the nearest representative of the Master for His approval and instructions in initiation are given only after the Master authorizes the same. The place and time of initiation are communicated in each case by the representative.


Note: Today – this note was written in the year 2006 – a written application for initiation in the above-mentioned way is no more needed. If there exists the honest wish to go the Way of Sant Mat, this can be communicated via the contact-button on this website. This way, open questions can be cleared up and the visit of the Satsang can be agreed. One has to visit the Satsang for several times and it has to be ensured that the theoretical part of this science has been adequately understood and the ethical aspect of life is put into praxis. Each seeker after Truth needs to understand that, amongst other things, debauchery and excesses of the western, moral urges concerning premarital contact and concubinage, which are both judged as adultery, have to be strictly prohibited.

In past days, when the social values concerning the marital sacrament were observed, such like notes were not necessary. The present time, however, since individual being is regarded as perfection, is not adjuvant in order to progress on the Path of the Saints or to tread it. Who observes the abovementioned aspects can receive Holy Initiation at the right time – which is always fixed by the Master-Power within.