Individual Meditation 

A few words about individual meditation will not be amiss here. A daily and regular practice of the three Sadhans or disciplines – viz., Simran, Dhyan, and Bhajan – as enjoined by the Master, is of the utmost importance to achieve results. A disciple must do his or her part of the job and the Master does His. It is for him or her to sit and do the Sadhans in an atmosphere conducive to progress, with a sweet remembrance of the Master. He or she is not to presuppose things or visualise results, for those will follow of their own accord. We have but to sit in loving remembrance, with steady gaze fixed in between and behind the two eyebrows, and do mental repetition of the Five Holy Words, without any exertion or strain on the eyes or on the forehead. Ours is to be an attitude of passivity, for the Doer is One and only One: the Master, Who is the best judge of the time and measure and manner of each step on the Path.