Extracts from Hazur’s Letters

It is very beneficial for the Satsangis to meet with each other; it promotes their love and faith towards each other and the Holy Master; it also gives stimulus to the Spiritual Exercises. It helps to clear the doubts and difficulties of other Satsangis. Combined Satsang serves a useful purpose. It gives an opportunity for exchange of ideas. The Satsang time is especially valuable in this: that it increases Love for the Master. In a large Satsang there are some advanced Satsangis also who speak from their personal experiences, and this helps in developing faith in others who may come into contact with them.


Karmas may be physical as well as mental. The gross karmas are washed out by means of external methods such as Satsang, reading of good books, as well as by the company of the Master; while subtle karmas are removed by internal Sound Practice. Initiation is sowing of the seed, which needs the water of Satsang and concentration for sprouting, while Love and faith are necessary for its growth.


Meetings with the members will benefit them greatly. Meet them all with Love and affection, such that even a dry, withered heart takes courage and flourishes.