Love and Service is the Basis of Satsang

The work of Satsang should be conducted in a dignified spirit of Love and service. Our thoughts, words and deeds should radiate nothing but Love and sweetness. As ‘Service'’ precedes the ‘Science,’ our motto should be Service before self. We cannot adequately advance the interests of any science, far less that of the Science of Realised Truth, unless we are prepared to devote our heart and soul in its service, like a worshipful votary. The Science will make headway of itself if we are true to ourselves and truly offer to serve it. 

In case of disagreement on any important issue among the workers themselves, it is better to immediately refer the matter to the Master for His decision, instead of indulging in controversies that ruffle the feelings, cause unnecessary tensions, and lead to unpleasant rifts. It is all the Master’s work and He knows best how to guide and straighten out things. With friendly Love, we can win over even the dissidents to the Great Cause, and avoid defections. Love can surmount all obstacles and is a veritable cure for all the ills of the world. The necessity for Love cannot therefore be over-emphasised in the service of the Master’s Cause.