Subject and Scope of Satsang

For the subject of a talk, we may take up the hymns from any scripture, preferably from the Masters of the Sound Current. It may be supplemented by apt quotations from the parallel writings of other Master-Saints. The Holy Gospels themselves are full of such material as may fit in with such a context. The illustrations from various Masters are essential so as to bring out the essential Unity in the teachings of all the Saints. We should not, however, discuss the practical part of the Science. 

Again, the subject itself should be of a non-controversial type. It must strictly refer to the Spiritual Science. Its exposition should be couched in terms that are loving and create a fragrant atmosphere which may have a universal appeal to the audience, without hurting the feelings of anyone. At the conclusion of the talk there should be no questions and answers in the open congregations. It should not form a debating club. If anyone has to inquire anything or wants elucidation on any particular point, that can be done more happily in private. The thistles of doubt and misapprehensions, if any, have to be weeded out with a tender hand, and nobody should be allowed to remain in suspense, for clearing of the mental ground is absolutely necessary before sowing the seed of Naam. 

The Satsang should end with meditation for some time, say half an hour, in which all should take part, except for an urgent and unavoidable reason.