Satsang apart from Rituals

The Science of Soul is just like any other science, but more exact, more natural, more lasting, and the oldest of all the sciences. It is the Science of Realised Truth directly connected with the soul in man, and should therefore be kept distinct and apart from rites and rituals, forms and ceremonials; the performance or observance of which keeps one tied down to the plane of the senses, and as such must be strictly eschewed. Our discourses and talks in Satsang should be confined only to explaining the Science itself in lucid terms, without any outer embellishment like lighting of candles, burning of incense, offering of flowers, tinkling of bells, exhibiting photographs and the like. Even though these may appear innocent and harmless in themselves, yet the seekers after Truth are likely to go astray by such symbolisms and forms, and may get entangled and lost.