The Purpose of Satsang 

It must always be borne in mind that the actual awakening of the spirit is the work of the Master-Power overhead. The talks and discourses are just like refresher courses which may help in the proper understanding of Sant Mat, or the teachings of the Master, on the intellectual level; for theory precedes practice. Both the initiates and non-initiates derive immense benefit from such talks. In these congregations, Universal Truths are brought home to all alike. A spirit of Universal Brotherhood on the broad basis of human beings as the children of one Supreme Father is inculcated, so as to link all with the silken bonds of Love and amity. For the initiates, these talks serve as cementing factors on the Path, clarify doubts and misapprehensions, if any; and for the non-initiates, ground is prepared for an Inner Search which may stimulate the inquisitive mind and help the individuals in their innate craving for a Way out. 

The Highway of the Masters has been, is, and ever shall remain the same for one and all. It is secular in character and everyone, whosoever, can tread it. There are no turnpike gates of religion, faith, caste, colour, creed, nationality or avocation. All are welcome to it, even though retaining their distinctive religious organisations, social modes of life, and use of national language, etc., for the spirit or soul in man is above them all and remains unaffected by outer pursuits.