Kirpal Singh

In Praise of Hazur

The resplendent sun, the prototype of heaven’s Holy Light, has risen as Master Sawan, whoever is struck by His radiant beauty goes mad and remains intoxicated Majnu-like.

Everyone talks of Him, all speak of His Glory – the world itself resounds with His praises. Immeasurable is the magnetic field of His Love, which is at once peerless and ineffable.

What a heart-ravishing beauty has blazed my heart with scintillating rays from His eyes! Let His image be enshrined in the temple of my heart, I wish I may meditate on Him day and night.

Let the memory of His moon-like face ever haunt my imagination. He who seeks after Truth – must bask in the loving sunshine of Master Sawan. He is humility personified, sweet of tongue, and there is none like Him in this wide world. I have neither seen nor heard of another like Him. – Oh! His very name is dear unto me!

Whosoever sees Him even for a while wanders restlessly all his life, with the chant of Sawan on his lips. He is the mainstay of all here and hereafter on to Eternity, and ever blessed are His votaries.

All remember Him on earth and in heaven for enthralling is the very sight of Him. The very idol of my heart has His habitat on the banks of the Beas and His word is law unto all.

Nor do I desire heaven, nor paradise with all its beauties, for the threshold of my Master is above everything else. All ye who are seekers after God follow the Great Master, as the sea of His munificence is in full tide.

His Divine Grace flows to all alike regardless of caste or creed. Whosoever comes in His presence is richly rewarded, as the treasure-house of Sawan is accessible to all.

Who can sing of the Graces of Sawan when His Glory outshines all? How can Jamal1, the bondsman of Sawan, leave His sanctuary ?



Footnote: 1) Pen name of Kirpal Singh. Not to be confused with Bhai Jamal, the pen name of a disciple of Kirpal Singh.

Source: Sat Sandesh / April 1968.