The Master on Independence


You have to get independence. And further guidance is given by Master within you. He guides outside; He also guides inside. You are never alone. When He initiates you into this mystery, He resides with you once and for all – never leaves you until the end of the world. No power of any might can take you away from His hands. And further still, that was predestined from birth. You have completely earned this from the fortunes of the past. When you have withdrawn completely, then you can also advance within you, direct, under the guidance of the Master within you. But you cannot, unless you withdraw first. You must have that first.

So Para Vidya is the way to complete independence … I am the minister of my whole body. How many servants have you got? Ten servants to obey you. They don’t go by my orders; now we are dragged by these servants. Decide at the feet of the Master: Independence. Withdraw your attention from outside, then your Inner Eye opens, your Inner Ear opens. Now only outgoing faculties are opened.

How many here have been put on the way? Have any of you even crossed one class – one of the treasures of independence? No. Be jolly; enjoy. When? When you have got at least one part of the independence; then the second; then the third. When you have complete independence, the whole world will dance with you, you see. Learn to die so that you may begin to live. This is what is meant by twice born. You must be reborn in the Name of God Who is within you. This demonstration of being reborn is given by some Competent Person. Take Christ’s cross daily, you see.

Christ said,

Those who do not take cross daily are not my disciples.

How far have you gained?

Today is the 15th of August. Independence Day celebration was held in the town. You must have seen the vast crowd on TV at the talk that was given. This is the Satsang. Here I bypass the celebration and tell you where your True Independence lies. At least gain the first part of it; then claim your independence. How many are there who have traversed the second part of independence? Hands up, please. There are very few. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Have the complete independence. To start with, we must have the first part of independence. And that is rising above body consciousness – physical. We should try our utmost to regain this Spiritual Way while in this earthly body. This is the golden opportunity. Time and tide wait for no man. Those who want to have the complete independence let them put their hands up. – There is nobody who does not want it. (Chuckles.) Then by procrastinating, time will be wasted. Vedas say so. Procrastination is putting off till tomorrow what you can do today. This stands in the way. This is the main stumbling block on the way. Start your journey from the house, go outside, reach the goal. Die on the way – not at your door! – or, at the Door of where you have to reach.

If you have the first part of independence, people run up to you. If you gain the third part of independence, the whole world will be after you, you see. Does this appeal to you? What’s delaying you? So shake off your habit of procrastination. This morning you had to wait, I’m sorry; but thank God, it is within you. The way was explained to you at this moment. So try to understand it and reach this independence, which is awaiting you in the man-body. All right – God bless you all.