The Master on Independence


The only difficulty is that which lies within you. First the Light is dark – pitch dark. When you close these physical eyes they don’t work. That is because the Inner Eye has to be opened. That Single Eye will be opened by Someone Whose Inner Eye is open. How? Direct your attention to the darkness within you, into the middle thereof. Look intently, minutely, penetratingly, to find what is in there.

Light will sprout forth; your eye is opened:

If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of Light.

That’s the first part of it. The second part is His presence; and in the third part after that you have got complete independence. So today is the day of independence for the country, too, but for us it was a day of independence in the man-body.

So that is the help given by God above. He resides in every heart. He is manifest here, there: suchlike Souls are sent down to guide the child humanity back to God. That is God’s Grace. He gives us complete independence. Unfortunately, you have been given the first step but you have not succeeded. Have you succeeded? Do outgoing faculties affect you now? Yes or no? Withdraw from outside; then it’s all right. Now outside things can attract you. It is only when your attention is completely withdrawn from all outside and you forget yourself that outer things won’t attract you.

Dead body up to here (the eye focus) – all outgoing faculties up to here, eyes, ears, etc. So long as he is in this dazed area he is always dragged outside. There is one way: the tenth door within you. There Somebody is required Who can give you a boost. By regular practice you become adept. The demonstration of this is given by Master; then you simply rise above at your will and pleasure. Your eyes may be open, but you won’t see. You may be so completely absorbed that even though somebody is calling, you won’t hear. When you have got that sort of independence at your will and pleasure, you are called a Gurumukh. This is the first step of independence you will have.

We have not yet got full independence, mind that. It is you who have to get this independence: not your body, not your outgoing faculties.

So that is why Masters said,

Man, know thyself.