Fort Lauderdale / Miami

The Master arrived at Miami Airport at 9 a.m. On 6th December, and was immediately driven to Fort Lauderdale, thirty miles away, where He was to stay at the Galt Ocean Mile Hotel. At 11 a.m., He gave darshan to approximately 800 people, who had come there from all over the United States and Canada; since this was Master’s last stop in North America, everyone wanted to see Him one final time. The Master greatly appreciated the love and sacrifice of these dear ones, who had in many cases come very far to see Him once more.

At this first darshan, the local Satsangis had prepared a huge cake for Him, which they wanted Him to give out as Parshad. The Master authorised its distribution, but said that He did not like ceremonies or rituals.

During the stay at Miami, many meetings were held right at the Hotel; others were held at the Stranahan High School, and the Unity Centre in Miami. This last place was filled to capacity, and again the overflow crowd was allowed by the management to sit on the floor in the aisles. About 1300 people attended.

A very beautiful day was arranged for everyone at Birch State Park, not far from the hotel. Master gave a meditation sitting in the morning, and then gave darshan in the afternoon, at the park.

The dear ones were feeling increasingly the prospect of physical separation from the Master, and many were very sad. They wanted very much just to see Him. So they would come up to His hotel room after the talks at night, in the hope of just having one more glimpse. On these occasions the entire corridor of the floor of the hotel was lined with initiates hoping and longing for a glimpse of their Beloved. Master greatly appreciated their love, and did come out to see them. He knew the longing in their hearts and what effort it took for some of them to be there.

At one of the last meetings it was requested that all of those who had followed the Master from the beginning of the tour should please raise their hands. About eighty people indicated that they had. Master gave them His special blessing. Many others, of course, had followed Him for parts of the tour. On the morning of 10th December, His last day in North America, Master initiated 91 dear souls into the secrets of Naam, at the same time putting hundreds of old initiates into meditation. This was the last three-hour meditation for many, and was greatly appreciated by them. Afterwards He gave a short talk, stressing the need to live up to His commandments and make progress within.

That afternoon He was driven to Miami airport, and, after a very poignant silent darshan in the airport lobby, with hundreds of devotees gathered round Him, the Master boarded the plane for Mexico City. The North American tour had ended.

– The Master’s activities in Latin America and His return to India will, God willing, appear in next month’s issue.