The Master arrived at Love Field, Dallas, at 8.30 p.m. on the 29th. As usual, a large crowd was waiting for Him, and He greeted them very slowly and sweetly and was then driven to the Melrose Hotel, where He stayed for the three days He spent here.

All of the various meetings in Dallas were held at the Unitarian Church, a beautiful modern church which was an appropriate setting. After each morning meditation setting, the Master gave personal interviews on the stage – as He had done at Anaheim. Many, many people took advantage of this opportunity, and were overjoyed that they did.

A few people also saw the Master in His hotel room, including a group of disciples from the city of Houston, where Master did not go.

On the morning of 2nd December, Master gave initiation to 65 persons at the Unitarian Church. That afternoon, after a beautiful silent darshan at the airport, He left by plane for St Petersburg, Florida, His next stop.