Anaheim / Los Angeles

The Master arrived at the Los Angeles airport at 8 p.m. on 19th November, and was driven to the nearby town of Anaheim, where the National Headquarters of the Master’s American organisation, ‘Ruhani Satsang – Divine Science of the Soul,’ is located. The Master and His party were put up at the Hospitality House, a lovely cottage maintained by the Satsang for visiting dear ones, located next door to the Sanctuary of the Living Master, a former church which serves as the physical headquarters and as a Satsang hall. A few evening darshans were held here, and they were very sweet; but it was not really large enough to accommodate everybody, so the Embassy Room of the nearby Disneyland Hotel was booked for all day long throughout the ten days stay. Here the morning meditations and afternoon darshans were given, and it was available all day for meditation. The Sanctuary was available around the clock for that purpose.

During the first week of Master’s stay here. He gave a series of talks at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles. These were well attended and appreciated, and concluded with initiation at the Theater on 24th November, when 59 persons were given Naam. During that same week, Master had spent Thanksgiving Day with His children: in the morning, He gave a beautiful Thanksgiving talk at the Disneyland Hotel, stressing the importance of being thankful and grateful to God; and in the afternoon, presiding over the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors of Ruhani Satsang – Divine Science of the Soul. This was a really historic occasion, as it was the first time the Master had been physically present at a Board meeting, and the Directors were delighted to have Him there. The meeting – an account of which appeared in the December 1972 issue of Sat Sandesh – was held at the home of Reno Sirrine, the Vice President of the Corporation and, along with T.S. Khanna, the Master’s American Co-Representative. The meeting was preceded by a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, served by the Sirrines as an act of love, for the Directors and many other devotees. It was a joyous occasion, and appreciated by all those who were there.

On the afternoon of the initiation day in Los Angeles, Master graciously spent the afternoon at the home of Mrs Lucille Gunn, the local group leader. He was accompanied by about sixty people, all of whom were fed and served most graciously by the hostess. After resting a while, Master gave very sweet darshan in Mrs Gunn’s garden in back of her Glendale home. On this occasion, a dear one asked the Master why Christ was the only Master Who had died for the sins of the world. But Master said,

All Masters have died for the sins of the world.

After the darshan, Master talked with many people individually and in small groups in a room inside. Then Master listened to a tape recording sent from India, where Tai Ji and other dear ones there gave Him a detailed account of the Satsang activities being carried out in His physical absence.

That evening, Master paid a visit to Yogi Bhajan – who had previously visited Him at His house in Anaheim – at the Guru Ram Das Ashram, and gave a talk there as the Yogi’s guest. The hall was filled to capacity and more. The talk was preceded by singing by Yogi Bhajan’s disciples.

During Master’s second week here, He gave a series of talks at the Anaheim High School, and concluded these with another initiation, this time to 42 persons at the Disneyland Hotel. The following day, 29th November, He left by plane for Dallas, accompanied by many dear ones.