San Jose

The drive from Berkeley to San Jose took about two hours; Master arrived at the home of Dr John Lovelace. His local Representative, at 7 p.m. on 15th November. He was followed down by about 200 people in cars.

Darshan was held right at the house where Master stayed and although it was very crowded, it was very sweet. During the whole stay in Northern California, it had been pouring rain; and that first night at Dr Lovelace’s house, Master said,

Rain! It is God’s Grace pouring down from Heaven.

Then, surveying the jam-packed room. He said.

These halls won’t suffice for us. We should sit under the canopy of Heaven. Ye must apply to the Lord of Rain.

A little later, someone asked if Westerners would be allowed to serve at Manav Kendra. He said,

All countries will grow together. It is we who have made the East and West. These impressions have been imbedded in our subconscious. Two kings can’t stay in the same country but hundreds of lovers of God can squeeze into the same room.

Someone asked when the Iron Curtain would be lifted so that Spirituality could reach the people there, and Master said,

If they have a strong yearning, God will make the arrangements. In 1958, many Russians were initiated in Germany.

A dear one asked about coming to India, and Master said.

Do you see any ‘No Admittance’ signs in the air? Come for meditation’s sake only. You must put in six hours daily in meditation.

During His stay in San Jose, the Master gave a series of exceptionally well-attended talks at the nearby Santa Clara University. He also answered many questions in informal sessions, and conducted meditation sittings there. The four days here culminated on the morning of 19th November, when 87 persons were given Naam at the University campus. Later that day the Master left by plane for Los Angeles.