Berkeley / San Francisco

The Master arrived at San Francisco airport about 12:30 p.m. on 12th November, and was again greeted by hundreds of devotees. He went immediately to the home of Stuart and Shilla Judd, the local group leaders, located in the nearby town of Berkeley. Group meditation sittings and darshan were held in the First Unitarian Church, Berkeley, and the evening public talks were held at the First Unitarian Church in downtown San Francisco. A free kitchen was in operation at a nearby campground, where many of the devotees stayed. In the evenings, after the talks, some of the devotees sat at His Feet at the house, and enjoyed His beautiful Darshan.1

At one of the darshans in Berkeley, a little boy told the Master that wherever he goes, outside or inside, even in the bathroom, he sees the Master watching him. The Master told him that He loved him very much, and explained to the others present that children’s minds are clear.

The evening talks at the church in San Francisco were attended by huge crowds: the church, which was very large, was filled to capacity, and people were forced to sit in the aisles and on the stage, and stand in the back. The talks that Master gave here, were as always very beautiful, stressing the importance of Love and of first-hand personal Spiritual Experience.

On 15th November at 9 a.m. Master initiated 103 persons at the San Francisco Unitarian Church. Later that day He visited the home of Walter Baptiste, with whom He had stayed during His previous tours.

That evening He left Berkeley by car for San Jose, His next stop.


Footnote: 1) For pictures of Master’s stay in Northern California, see Sat Sandesh, December 1972: ‘Blessings for the West Coast – In Northern California.’