Many dear ones were waiting at the Denver airport to greet Him on His first visit there. The weather was cold, and there was snow on the ground; the snowcapped peaks of the Rocky Mountains could be seen from the city, and were a very beautiful sight.

The Master and His party stayed at the William XVI Apartment Hotel, and darshan and meditation sittings were given at the Heart of Denver Motor Hotel. In addition, evening talks were given before huge crowds at Temple Buell College and the Regency Inn, in both speaking to jam-packed halls of more than a thousand people.

At one of the darshan sessions, Master was asked,

If you are an initiate and your husband is not, and there is a conflict about your attending Satsang, should you go?

He said,

In the East, the woman gets her husband’s consent; the West is different. God united you both; the happiness of the home should not be disturbed. Perhaps he thinks that this is not what Christianity teaches; but if he studies the teachings he will see that they are the same. Tell him lovingly and invite him to come with you.

Someone else said that there was no record of Guru Nanak’s having had a Guru, and wondered if it was possible to become self-realised without one.

Master replied,

Some are sent; some are made here. If you look at the life of Guru Nanak, you will see that He was teaching from the age of five, and that He visited every religious leader of His time, including Kabir. How does it help you? You cannot go up by reading scriptures only; everyone needs further guidance.1

The Master’s evenings in Denver saw hundreds of people sitting in His hotel room for darshan. These gatherings were very sweet; this was His first visit to Denver, and many people had been waiting to see Him for many years. The joy and peace that His presence brought them was evident on their faces.

At another darshan, Master was asked if it was better to listen to the Sound Current alone, or with other initiates; He replied that,

It is good to sit alone or with other initiates, but never in public.

He was also asked if it was all right to use ear plugs while doing Bhajan. He said that eventually the plugs would affect your ears, and that thumbs were more natural.

On Tuesday morning, 7th November, the Master initiated 57 persons into the Science of the Beyond at the Heart of Denver Hotel. The last public meeting in Denver was held that evening at 7:30. The following morning, Master and His party left Denver for Vancouver, British Columbia.


Footnote: 1) The difference between ‘Swateh Sants’ – Those Who are sent – and ‘Gurumukh Sants’ – those who are made here – is fully explained in the Master’s book ‘Godman – III. Gradations in Mastership.’ But Swateh Sants generally do take a Guru for example’s sake, even if They don’t need one in the same sense as we do. This is why Jesus came to John the Baptist; as He said: ‘Thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness.’ (St Matthew 3:15)