A large number of devotees were waiting at the Cincinnati airport when the Master arrived, and many accompanied Him to the Vernon Manor Hotel, where He was to stay.

During His stay here, the Master spoke at Edgecliff College, the Unity Temple, the University of Cincinnati, and at the hotel itself. One darshan session at the hotel, at 4 p.m. on 2nd November, has already been published separately;1 on the following day at 4 p.m., He was asked,

Is there any way you can tell if an action is a new action or is a completion of a past action?

He replied,

Rise up to the causal plane and you will find out, not before.

Someone asked,

Is the wife’s duty to always submit to the will of her husband?

Master said,

You see, it is companionship. Marriage is no bossism! Husbands have duties and wives have duties. Husbands should earn the livelihood and wives should look after the household. Women are not mere tools!

To another question, on whether anything could be accidental or if everything is a result of past karma, Master said,

There is nothing accidental.

Someone asked Him if there was anything He could tell them to prepare for His physical leaving; He replied,

When you feel separation, put in full attention and you will meet Him inside.

At the close of the session, He summed up briefly:

If you want to improve, mind your own business and put in six hours daily in meditation. In the old days, disciples were asked to keep silent for two years until the door was opened. Time factor is a necessity in everything. […] I think this is a very good thing. All initiates should keep silent for two years and then their door will be opened. […]

Keep the body as long as you can. Lead a chaste life and develop forgiveness. Lust and anger will shorten your life. […]

You will reach Home with the Master, not the mind. You see through coloured spectacles. Those who consider that they have become something have been led away by the mind.

On the morning of 4th November, the Master gave Naam to 65 loving souls at the Unity Temple. Later that day, at another session, the Master was asked if it was all right for initiates to study astrology.

He replied,

You can study anything you want. The stars only control those who are under the starry sky. Those who have risen above the stars – or are under the protection of a Master Who has risen above the stars – aren’t affected.

Another man said that his company gives its employees hams for Thanksgiving, and asked if it was all right to give it to the hungry.

Master said,

Don’t accept it. If you give it to others, it is a sin, too.

At His last talk in Cincinnati, that night at the hotel at 8, Master spoke very beautifully on what is required:

There is one man who is learned and one who is unlearned. The Saint tells them that if they go up the staircase they will see Light. The unlearned man goes right up, while the learned one says,

How many steps?

One hundred steps.

All right.

He goes ten more steps and says,

What proof is there?

So the Master goes on reading scriptures and telling stories. He goes ten or fifteen more steps.

What if I slip?

But the unlearned man has gone up! You see how simplicity is a benefit? How much outward knowledge is necessary? Why don’t you just follow? We are taken away by letting our mind meddle with it. I’m telling you practical things that can be seen by each one of you. In your attention lies the Power of God. He wants nothing from you. Please look, look, look. Do you think it is difficult? No? Then why don’t you do it? Try it. Ramakrishna said,

If you sit with no other thought besides God for three days and three nights, you will see God.

This is no exaggeration. Can you do it? Try it!

At the conclusion of the talk, Mr Khanna asked all of the group leaders present to stand, and Master addressed them directly:

Group Leaders should set an example for others. If anything goes wrong, ten might leave the Satsang. If I do anything wrong, hundreds would go away. […] Keep in contact – group leaders specially. Keep your diaries. Those who do not keep their diary, there is little hope for them. […]

That Power is within you. Be true to Him.

The following morning, 5th November, the Master left Cincinnati by plane, arriving at Denver at 10 a.m.


Footnote: 1) See ‘Questions & Answers in Cincinnati,’ Sat Sandesh, December 1972.