A Letter from England

What can I say?

Oh Oh! Now I can see with my own eyes what Russell told us about. Our beloved Master His incredible sweetness and tenderness and humbleness.

At the airport we waited – and finally He came through customs …

He was across a big long space but we all could see Him clearly and while He was but seventy feet away or so the tears welled up through my whole being and it seems as if they come very often when I see again and experience His Presence. How gently and tenderly He talks to us … He is like rain and sun to a field of flowers – a rather sooty field, I’m afraid – that sit soaking in such joy. It’s the end of the second day and I feel as if each moment is ringed with a kind of intensity and light. I go through the streets and all of London’s life streams past in a blur – buildings, signs, bright clothes, sirens, cars. Occasionally some person stands out startlingly – a beautiful girl with a mask-like sad face, an old lady lying against a door smoking and sprawling there. I think of Master each time I see someone like this, coming to tell us so sweetly and lovingly, sleepers awake! Time is streaming by. Come, dear children, do not wait for tomorrow. Today! Today!


Last night He said,

We are in a great delusion. The body was only given to you for a few days. This is a golden opportunity. […] Oh soul, you are the same as God. Once I was just the same us you – there is hope for everyone!

Amy Hart