Becoming at One with the Master

by Reno H. Sirrine

Master gives us four suggestions to help our receptivity:

  1. ‘We are a drop of the Ocean of All-Consciousness.’ Your at-one-ment with Master and your importance to the Creator and to all life on earth may be realised if you think of yourself as a glass of water dipped from the oceans of the world and then realise that all the water in the world must move to fill this void. As you feel yourself blending with the Master and all creation you will have a feeling of peace and joy. This will produce a desire to help the Master and the Creator. You make your every thought, word, and deed a blessing to both of Them. To do this think of yourself as a cup of sugar which is poured back into the oceans of the world by your actions. These efforts, your light, and your radiance assist the Master and the Creator in bringing about the Golden Age and self-realisation.

  2. Master speaks of Himself in the booklet ‘Receptivity’ as being a tree with roots receiving all nourishment direct from the Creator. He refers to us as branches of this tree, who receive our Spiritual Light and Sound from Him. He suggests that by True Living, Love for all, and daily meditation, we work back through the tree to the Creator, so that with Master’s guidance and Inner Instruction we may become like the tree of the Master, a child of God.

  3. Master says to sit near the fire and feel its warmth. So we crowd around this Godman of Love feeling a pull on our soul like the candle light pulls the moth. His radiance lights up the dark corners of our past. Our daily problems begin to fade away. Our daily meditations begin to clear the mind. Our soul, under His guidance, begins its journey back to the Creator. Let us remember He says,

    Don’t say, ‘I will try, say ‘I will.’

    Let us follow His instructions and be consumed by the flame of God’s Love that Master radiates.

  4. Master uses His hand to indicate the Master-Power overhead raining down on each one of us constantly. When He looks at us we are aware of the unlimited scope of His radiation. Think of Master as a giant television camera with a program made for each one of us. Our initiation gives us the tuning knob and the Beloved Master is always there and always ready. When He is across the world from us, we wonder how we tune in. Master says instantly, easily, no problems. His Telstar satellite is Baba Sawan Singh Ji and all the Saints before. – No shortage of power there; no cosmic interference. – Only direct person to person communication. Let us all tune in every day so that our own tuning apparatus stays clean, sensitive, bright, and loving.