The Master arrived in Zurich from Stuttgart on 3rd September at 10:30 a.m. and drove to the Nava Park Hotel where arrangements for His stay had been made.

Albert Paliwoda, the manager of a large yoga ashram in Zurich, called on the Master and had a heart to heart talk. He said that thousands come to his ashram to learn physical yoga practices, and many of them ask for guidance on the Inner Way. He had been in touch with various centres but was hesitant to recommend anyone to the seekers, because he was not sure if any of the people he had been in touch with could grant Inner Spiritual Experience. The Master explained to him briefly the teachings of the Saints and how a beginning on the Path could be made after the grant of some first-hand experience of Light and Sound by a Competent Master. Although Zurich is one of the smaller Ruhani Satsang centres, there was a large attendance in the Conference Hall of the hotel when the Master gave a talk at 4 p.m. He spoke on solving the mystery of life, saying that man has three aspects: physical body, intellect, and conscious entity, which we are. We have very much advanced physically and intellectually, but we have ignored the enlivening force of the body which is the same essence as God. We are identified with the mind and outer environments so much so that we have forgotten who we are, what we are. This subject has been very much neglected by man. But whenever Masters come, They stress the need and importance of knowing the God-Power, which can only be done while in the man-body. Masters take pity on suffering humanity and come to guide us. They urge us to know ourselves and to know God or Overself. The Master told how in 1912 He spent ten days in quiet and serious thinking in order to determine His goal in life, and reached the conclusion that God is first and world next.

The Master reminded the dear ones that every moment is bringing us nearer to death. Every one of us has to die one day; no exception to the rule. Are we prepared for this? The Master told the story of Lord Buddha, how He was affected by seeing a sick man, an old man, and a dead body, so that He left His home in search of enlightenment. So we also should give serious consideration to this aspect of our life.

The Master said that God is Love and we should develop Love and affection for everyone, whether man, beast, bird or reptile. There is no high, no low. The Masters give Their teachings to all mankind alike. All human beings, despite their different labels, are men first, conscious entities and micro-Gods. We are all brothers and sisters in God. Whenever Masters come, They give us a practical demonstration of Divinity. Those who do what They say, develop spiritually. Maulana Rumi said that if you have an opportunity to spend one hour in the physical presence of a Master Who is radiating Love, you bathe in it from head to foot; and this benefit you cannot get from a hundred years of doing penances. The Master gave an example, that if one sits near the fire, he automatically gets warmth.

He repeated that we have to develop Love for everyone; only after this is achieved can we love God. But the Master helps us with this, out of His Love and sympathy.

The dear ones again requested a silent blessing from the Master, which they enjoyed very much. He kindly gave His loving glances for a few minutes before the crowd dispersed.

In the night a meditation sitting was given to all at the Conference Hall of the hotel, with the Master explaining how the Spiritual Exercises should be done. About 100 persons took part and had Inner Experience, including Mr Paliwoda of the yoga ashram, who had a wonderful experience of the Godly Light within.

The next morning at 9, the dear ones assembled in the Conference Hall to ask the Master questions.

One person said that although he is having Spiritual Experiences, he is not loving and kind in his daily life. The Master wished him more Inner Progress and strongly recommended that he stand on his own legs and be of help to others. As God resides in every heart, we must be polite. Even if somebody calls us names, we should not return them. The Master advised him to read biographies of great men, especially Saints, for his right understanding.

Another man said that he didn’t believe that a Living Master is always necessary, as some people do hear the Voice of God without the guidance of a Master. But the Master explained that it was absolutely necessary to have guidance from a Living Master, because even in cases where some experience is being had, the Master is necessary for further guidance and development within.

Then someone asked if it was possible to reach the True Home of our Father by following the instructions given in the Holy Books. The Master said that the scriptures are indeed a rich treasure house, but we cannot fully grasp their real significance unless we meet Someone Who is aware of the Inner Kingdom. Someone commented that the Master says death is painful, but they had seen people die very peacefully. The Master told him that there are sometimes exceptions, due to the background of an individual, but generally the process is very difficult as the scriptures say. He added that those who rise above body consciousness have a very calm, quiet and happy parting.

A question was asked about Manav Kendra. The Master explained that this institution was created to further the activities of Ruhani Satsang, which had been teaching Spiritual Development all the world over. Side by side with this, man has to develop physically and socially. The main object of Manav Kendra is to render man service and land service. To help the poor, a free hospital has started functioning. Free homes will be provided for old people who have no one to look after them. A humble beginning has been made in opening a school. Development and breeding of animals, and establishment of a library having books from all the religions of the world, are the next steps. But the central and basic purpose of Manav Kendra is man-making.

Finally it was asked, why, if we have to transcend the body, is it necessary to have a body at all? The Master said that the question was based on intellectual wrestling. In this body, the highest of all, we have to pay off karmic action and reaction. Only on the human pole can Spiritual Experiences be had.

The dear ones again asked if they could sit in silence with the Master for some time. The Master agreed, saying,

Silence speaks more, if we know the right technique. Are we not all One?

A meditation sitting was given at 4 p.m., at which about 150 persons had experience of Light within.

In the public meeting at Kaufleuten, Zurich, at 8 p.m., the Master gave a detailed presentation of the teachings of the Masters. He mentioned that history shows that Masters come from time to time for the guidance of the child humanity. They always bring Love for us, and teach us that the way back to God is only through Love. We are all the creation of one God, Whom we ultimately have to reach. At present our soul is under control of mind, mind is under the control of senses, and senses are under the control of the outgoing faculties. In this kind of life, the law of action and reaction operates. This wheel of birth and rebirth can be stopped if we tap inside and are born anew through self-analysis. Masters have the key to this prisonhouse and liberate us from the bondage of mind and matter. Before the Master left Zurich on 5th September, a few people came to see Him and discussed their personal difficulties. Accompanied by many initiates from Western countries, the Master arrived in Milan, Italy, at 11:45 a.m. by air.