Darshan in North Carolina

At Charles Fulcher’s home in Charlotte, 4 October 1972

Master asked,

May I put a question to you? You have put so many questions to me.

Everyone replied, yes.

If time runs short, what do you do to lengthen it? Put chains on the legs of time. Have the sweet remembrance with you not to forget it; that will lengthen the time.


Question: Jesus said, Blessed are those who believe without seeing, so why is it necessary to have a Living Master?

Kirpal Singh: Blessed are those who can believe due to their past actions. Have you read the Gospel of John?

Jesus said,

As long us I am in the world, I am the Light of the world.

St John 9:51

God is the only Guru. If they have faith it is due to reactions of the past. What I understand from the scriptures is, Shabd is the only Guru.

Guru Nanak was asked,

Who is Your Guru?

He said,

Shabd is my Guru.

My Master said,

Take me as your brother. Do what I say, and then when you meet me inside, call me what you like.

You too are micro-Gods.

Moreover, some people are sent to the world with a mission to punish the wicked and reward the righteous. Masters also come, to lead the people back to God and help them become the Conscious Co-Workers with God.

Take a prison house where the prisoners are in bad condition. One man comes and sees the condition and wants to help, so he brings them some good food. Another man comes and brings them good clothing. Still another builds them good houses to live in. The purpose of all three was to do good. Another man with the keys to the prison comes and lets all the prisoners out. All did good; but what do you think of the fourth one? You see, Masters are the last. When Masters come, They cry, with Their hands up, ‘Come on – let’s go Home!’ God makes the arrangements. You have been long in exile. Why don’t you come back and enjoy your True Home? Fortunate are those who are to come back Home. Even when the door is opened, we don’t like to go.

Udho, a follower of Lord Krishna, once said to him,

Well, if they want to stay in all this misery, why not let them stay?

You see, we don’t really want to go. If you really want it, you will have it, sure and certain. What comes out of your heart, brain, and tongue – all three – is true. Pray and wait.

In most cases we deceive ourselves. That is why I request you to be true to your own selves. The God-Power is within you. I ask everybody to keep the diary. One lady at the Ashram kept the diary by placing flowers on it. She could not read or write, but she had self-introspection anyway. I told one man that if his diary was true, he must be going to the third plane; but he says he sees no Light. Take seriously what I am telling you. Be truthful with your diary.

In school it takes one year to pass from one grade to the next. If you put in four hours in school and two hours at home for one year – 365 days, six hours a day – what is that? 2,190 hours. You must go up one plane. Every Saint has His past and every sinner a future. A strong man revels in his strength and a weak man wonders how he got it. Can you become a professor in one day?

Those who are initiated are not to be judged by the Lord of death, but by the Master Himself. Those who are sincere to the Master will not come back; if they are to come back, they will be in a high family. It is a great blessing to be put on the way. You should work for it. When I went to my Master, I was a family man, I had two children, I earned my livelihood.

I said,

How much time should I put in?

He replied,

Five to six hours at least, and the more you can do the better.

Man is in the make. Some come with good background. Those who have good background see Light and hear Sound. Even with this background we are dilly-dallying. Even if you have no background, if you put in your time and do your self-introspection, you could rise above the others. I tell you these things from a common sense point of view. Make the best use of what you have got. Why prolong your life? From heart to heart: you must work for it. I would advise you to keep the diary. I went to the woods five or six months and asked what I could do to help people live up to what I tell them. So I’m telling you what I did all the time I was a student, I kept a diary. Criticise yourself as you would criticise others. To say, ‘I am a sinner, I am a sinner’ – that won’t do. Weed out!

Procrastination is the thief of time. Who knows if you will live until that time, if you put things off. Do it now while your body is fit. If you have misused your life, your eyesight will lessen, your hearing will lessen. While you are young you can put in more time. Don’t spare yourself. Criticise yourself. Have pity on yourself. I’m not telling you anything new. All of you could give a good talk; but it must be sincere, true. Don’t think God is dead; He is everywhere.

We have got no aim in life. Sometimes we want one thing, sometimes we want another thing. Decide what you want and then stick to it. I had ambition too. Decide once and for all and all things will be added unto you. Don’t you want to go Home? God is waiting for you. Have an aim set up. A child takes one step and the mother lends her hand.

Similarly, if you want to go back to God, I will give you a hand. If you had seven children, you would remember all of them, you don’t leave any behind.

It is up to you to live up to what is said. You benefit by it. This should appeal to each one of you. Live up to it. It is high time.

Kabir says,

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

When we leave the body we go crying, ‘I have not done it.’ Why not go jolly – ‘I’m going Home!’

I wish to be with you all through physically, but it is not possible. You must develop receptivity, where nothing remains between you and Him. It is all up to you. I am a man like you. So many of you could be messengers. Don’t say try, that is half-hearted. Do it!

Sweet remembrance of the Master means constantly, every time you fail. Start today and in a month you will find wonderful progress. I tell you this from my heart. I wish you real progress, to make the best use of your man body.

The God-Power is within you. Once a Master initiates you, He says,

I now reside in you. I am watching your every action.

When you do your own work, you make the Master happy.

If you keep your diary and put in time, you could see the Master every 24 hours of the day and night. I remember him who remembers me. God is with you always. Simply turn your face to Him.

Please remain in touch. Without asking for anything, you will find your problems solved.